Iranian Delegation, Scholar Exchange And Training

Muslim-American Peace Delegation to Iran: In November 2007, the Salam Institute led a Muslim-American Peace Delegation to Iran. The Delegation met with scholars, practitioners and religious leaders in the cities of Tehran, Qom, and Esfahan and discussed issues of peace, conflict resolution, democratization, human rights and dialogue in the Islamic tradition as well as Shia-Sunni dialogue in the context of recent events.
Iranian Scholars Exchange and Training in the US: Based on the success of the 2007 Muslim American Peace Delegation, the Salam Institute organized an Iran Scholar Exchange Program as a follow-up. This program brought 10-15 junior scholars to visit various organizations and institutions in the United States and to participate in the conflict resolution training program offered by the Peacebuilding and Development Institute of the American University. Additionally, the Salam Institute organized a conference for Iranian religious leaders and senior scholar-practitioners to encourage dialogue and scholarly exchange between Muslim Americans and Iranians in August 2008.