The Salam Institute is a non-profit organization that focuses on conflict resolution, nonviolence, human rights, and development. Its primary goal is to bridge the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim communities. The Institute has extensive experience in interfaith and intercultural dialogue, peacebuilding, and sustainable community development in Muslim countries. Its staff has conducted training programs in various regions, including Israel, West Bank and Gaza, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Mindanao Philippines, Africa, and the Balkans.

What We Do
Research and Evaluation
Advance research and knowledge, and implement evaluation on themes such as: democracy, nonviolence, pluralism, human rights and peacebuilding
Design and conduct training modules and intervention processes for government and non-governmental organizations
Peacebuilding Intervention

Conduct research and training on forgiveness and reconciliation to ensure a transition from a state of violence and distrust to a sustainable state of peace and social cohesion. 

Religions: Leadership And Empowerment

Building on the successes of and lessons learned from its prior NED-funded project, Imams as Advocates for Democratic Change

Testing Non Formal Education Interventions

Salam team, Prof. Ilham Nasser and Mr. Mohamed Elamine and professor Abun-Nimer conducted a three days training with group of 20 teachers

Measuring The Impact Of Civic Values Training

Building on a long track record working in the Sahel and Lake Chad region, Salam joined the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy

Iranian Delegation, Scholar Exchange And Training
Iranian Delegation, Scholar Exchange And Training

the Salam Institute led a Muslim-American Peace Delegation to Iran. The Delegation met with scholars

Imams As Advocates For Democratic Change And Pluralism In Egypt
Imams As Advocates For Democratic Change And Pluralism In Egypt

The Salam Institute for Peace and Justice is undertaking a series of five-day training of trainers workshops on pluralism

Pakistan Madrasa Reform Project
Pakistan Madrasa Reform Project

The Salam Institute evaluated the Pakistani Madrassa Reform Program