Peace Through Development II (PDev II)

Building off the success of the first project phase ,the Salam Institute is currently involved in the project’s second phase, Peace through Development I. This innovative project is implemented in Chad, Niger and Burkina Faso and aims to:

  • Empower Youth;
  • Increase Moderate Voices;
  • Increase Civil Society Capacity to Address Community Issues; and,
  • Strengthen Local Government.

As part of PDEVII, the Salam Institute is undertaking a series of complementary activities including:

  1. Introducing civic education for peace and diversity in Quranic schools of Chad, Niger, and Burkina Faso;
  2. Building the capacity of teacher training centers in delivering a civic education for peace and diversity curriculum;
  3. Conducting trainings for Imams and religious leaders in faith-based peacebuilding and conflict resolution;
  4. Facilitating intra and inter-faith dialogue workshops;
  5. Establishing a rapid response clergy council to mitigate against escalating sectarian violence; and,
  6. Fostering the development of a regional network of Islamic peacebuilders;

PDev II is funded by the USAID and implemented by International Relief for Development, in partnership with the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice, Search for Common Ground and Equal Access International. The program is scheduled to run from November 2011 through October 2016.