Dr. Ilham Nasser

Senior Research Executive

Dr. Ilham Nasser – Dr. Nasser is a Palestinian American educator who spent over 25 years in teacher training and research in different educational settings in the U.S.A., Africa, and the Middle East. She completed a Ph.D. in Human Development and Child Study at the University of Maryland-College Park and worked for several years as a classroom teacher and a school counselor. She has researched and published on the topic of teacher development including teachers’ motivation, teacher preparation and professional development and teaching for peace with focus on exploring classroom practices and pedagogues to promote peace and understanding. Her recent research on teaching for forgiveness in Arab schools includes five countries and more than 590 teachers. Ilham Nasser is a Senior Researcher and Education Specialist at Salam Institute for Peace and Justice and previously an associate professor in Early Childhood Education at George Mason University in Virginia, United States.