Islam and Peace: Sunni and Shia Dialogue on Human Rights and Pluralism
September 2010, Lund University, Sweden
The Salam Institute for Peace and Justice collaborated with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) to bring together Muslim scholars from Iran, Europe and the United States to Lund, Sweden to discuss Sunni and Shia perspectives and mechanisms, identify effective strategies to promote peacebuilding and to familiarize participants with academic, political, religious and economic perspectives on democracy, human rights, conflict resolution and peace building.
Overview of Jordan Conference
July – August 2008, Amman, Jordan
This conference brought together activists and organizations involved in interfaith dialogue in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. The workshop, which took place at the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies, is a follow-up on a research project on interfaith dialogue in the Middle East, which resulted in a book by Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Amal I. Khoury and Emily Welty.

Islamic traditions and Nonviolece: Responding to Contemporary Changes

May 2008, American University, Washington, D.C.
This one-day conference on Islamic Traditions of Peace and Nonviolence focused on linking theological and religious interpretations of peace and nonviolence with tangible practices at the community, as well as, policy making levels.

The Dialogue of Islam And Peacemaking in Iran

October 2007, Teheran, Qum and Isfahan, Iran
The Salam Institute for Peace and Justice and the United States Institute for Peace partnered together to sponsor a seven member delegation of Muslim American Islamic scholars to travel to Iran.  Over the course of the ten day trip, the delegation traveled to Tehran, Qum and Isfahan to engage in conversations with various human rights organizations, civil society groups, non-governmental organizations and religious leaders.

Second Annual Muslim Peacebulding, Jusrice snd Interfaith Dialugue

May 2007, American University, Washington, D.C.
This conference served as a platform for both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars and practitioners to discuss nonviolent approaches to Islamic peacebuilding, democratization and policy development in the Muslim world and the intersection of Islam and human rights. The conference created a space for an open exchange of ideas on the most effective approaches to peacebuilding, mediation and intra-religious dialogue.

First Annual Muslim Peacebulding, Jusrice snd Interfaith Dialugue

April 2006, American University, Washington, D.C.
The first annual Muslim Peacebuilding, Justice and Interfaith Dialogue Conference was a unique event, bringing together various members of the Islamic peacebuilding community interested at exploring the changing face of Islam in American society since September 11, 2001. The Conference aimed to explore the dynamics and intersection of ISlamic peacebuilding, conflict resolution and interfaith dialogue in the Muslim world today.